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What Is This?

Inspired by a love of both storytelling and game design, Acolyte is the major graduate project that represents the development team’s final year in Creative Media Production, a degree run by Massey University. Our goal is to produce a game that can be played by a wide, varied audience, and show off the talent of the next generation of game designers coming into the industry in New Zealand. Within the scope of Acolyte, we want to explore a narrative that discusses life, death, and what comes after, whilst presenting choices and characters that genuinely engage our players within the world we created. 

Whilst we want much of the narrative to be discovered through the game play, we intend for the players to have genuine excitement to make their way through the world we have created for Acolyte, and meet the people within it, all of whom present the player with a unique perspective on the events that brought them there.  

Who Are We?

The team involved in making Acolyte are a varied and passionate group of students who have come together with their individual talents to create a project. We are all second and third year students within Massey University, headed by a team of three producers who help drive the group to create the best results possible.

Made Under The Banner of Parietal Eye

Install instructions:

After unzipping the installation folder, run Acolyte.exe to play the game. If prompted, make sure to install the prerequisites first (you won't be prompted if you already have them on your computer).

Recommend System Specs:

CPU:Intel Core i3-4160 or AMD FX-6300
Video Card:NVidia GTX 750 Ti or AMD R7 370
Free Storage:1gb


3rd Years

James HoareCreative Director, UI Artist/Programmer
Brenna EvansProducer, Writer
Liam Knight-Devlin
Ass. Producer, 3D Artist, Programmer, Audio Lead
Kent Verbeet3D Lead, 3D Artist, Animator, Rigger
Connor KortensProgramming Lead
Zuleika Bostel2D Lead, Concept Artist
Nicole Santer3D Artist
Lydia Hill3D Artist
Mathias Piddington2D Animator / Social Media

Watch the full credits here.

Special Thanks To

Alex DracottClient & Mentor
Tristan BunnStaff Supervisor 
Calvin CornerComposer

Thank You for taking the time to look at our project. If you like the project and want to help support our talented Composer feel free to leave a donation.

Bugs To Fix:

Fmod audio didn't load in the build so we had to hard code the music so the transitions are rough and don't fade.

Interaction components overlap non actors randomly on the map.


AcolytePrototype.zip 561 MB


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Cool project with some sweet assets and a rather sad story... It's okey though, the last acolyte is on the case :) .